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The Hubert Law Office is located in Brooklyn, New York. We have represented negligence victims successfully in the New York community since 1994.

Did someone else's negligence or ill will cause you pain and suffering?

Do you want an attorney that can represent a loved one, friend, or yourself effectively? Has someone been victimized in a wrongful death, product liability, or car accident? Do you want your lawyer to have the skill, experience, and an unwavering commitment to making sure you are justly compensated?

If you do, contact Hubert Law Office personal injury attorneys today.


Personal Attention

We remain constant: Our dedication is to quality representation and personal attention. We limit the number of cases we accept. This allows us to devote valuable resources to each of our client's cases.

We are not a “mill” or volume operation. We want to do our best. As a client and fellow human being, you deserve careful, individual attention. We use our experience, tenacity and ability to secure just compensation for you.



At Hubert Law Office, we are committed to the highest ethical standards. We make and keep commitments. You always know what you should expect and deserve from our client-attorney relationship.


Personal Injury Cases in New York

Injury can result from negligence, infliction of intentional harm, and faulty products. Timing is usually of the essence, as the Statute of Limitations in New York and other legal factors come into play.

Know your rights by understanding the law. Learn about the many types of personal injury cases and how these laws apply to you.

If you've been hurt seriously in an accident, please feel free to contact us today. To quicken the process, send us the preliminary information we will need by completing our simple and secure forms.

For immediate assistance call 718-522-4646.



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