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  Criminal Charges Questionnaire
Personal and Corporate Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions

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Re: Initial Case Investigation 

Dear Client/Prospective Client:

In order to facilitate our initial case investigation and analysis, we ask that you prepare three simple documents: A Questionnaire (complete online), and a "CAST OF CHARACTERS" and a "CHRONOLOGY" (unlike the Questionnaire, these are available by download only). The latter documents should contain two columns. The Cast of Characters should include Name and Description. The Chronology should include Date-Time and Fact.

Please be overly inclusive as you create these documents-include everything, including the "kitchen sink". For example, you should include important organizations and documents in the Cast of Characters, not just people.

What follows are the online Questionnaire and links to the downloadable documents. You are encouraged to make copies as needed.

Thank you.

Steven L. Hubert, Esq.

P.S. If you are not yet our client, filling out and presenting these forms for our review will not create an Attorney/Client relationship. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your retainer of our services at, or following the initial consultation.

If your legal needs pertain to criminal charges brought against a business or you, please complete this form:

Download MS WORD Document Format: HLO-Civil-Relief-Intake.doc (right-click to save to your computer)


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