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 Brooklyn New York Business Litigation Lawyers

Did your business suffer a serious setback or become placed at unnecessary risk because of the reckless, careless or intentional actions of others?

How do you choose a litigation attorney, one you can trust to get the job done right?

While many factors come into play, including experience, a commitment to doing the right job and doing it well are the most important. You can rely on New York business litigation lawyers who have the unwavering commitment to protect and advance your business interests.

The New York City business litigation attorneys of the Hubert Law Office handle commercial litigation matters successfully for many area businesses. We thoroughly understand each client’s operations and the legal realities that affect them.


It's your business and you want to protect it.

You should confer with your lawyer regularly, certainly before engaging in a major commitment. As a client, fellow human being and business owner, you pay for and deserve careful, individual attention. We use our experience and ability to secure your business goals.

Business can benefit from offensive or defensive litigation tactics.

  • Occasionally, your company may have claims against competitors for defamation, unfair competition, and interference with contract.
  • Your business partners may have internal disputes that affect the business vitally, or you may be presiding over a disagreement between shareholders in close corporations, for unfair treatment and breach of duty.
  • Some claims are subject to state statutes which prohibit unfair or deceptive acts in trade or commerce, and which allow for recovery of punitive or multiple damages, and attorneys' fees.


Your case is unique and vital. (Would you rather it be treated as "just another case"?)

In truth, no two situations are exactly the same. Solving the problems may require help from more than one legal discipline. You need lawyers that are keyed into your issues and will pursue your business' interests consistently and forcefully.

Contact the Hubert Law Office to develop efficient and effective solutions to your business disputes. We work vigorously to resolve disputes through mediation and litigation if necessary.

For more information about commercial cases and the laws affecting them in New York, please visit our pages about Business Litigation, Trials and Cases.



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